aboutOne-On-One Hair is an extension of Stevhan’s passion and philosophy. Located in a lovingly and painstakingly restored loft at 535 Queen Street East, the building was previously used as Corktown jean factory.  Stevhan’s studio offers both a luxurious ambiance and an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.  From professional design consultation to exceptional styling and flawless execution, One-on-One Hair provides an all-encompassing salon experience and the ultimate in personalized service.

Visionary Artist. Industry Innovator. Celebrity Stylist.

Touted as an ‘Industry Innovator’, Stevhan was the first in Toronto to start cutting hair in it’s dry state. He benchmarked Toronto’s beauty scene by introducing the Dry Sculpt™ technique, earning him widespread recognition among the industry’s elite. Stevhan’s superior techniques and artistic eye have built him an impressive reputation as well as an A-list following.

Master Stylist and Founder of Toronto salon, One-On-One Hair, Stevhan Standberg has an undying passion for art, aesthetics and beauty. Stevhan’s impassioned relationship with hairstyling occurred at a young age. Growing up in the industry and watching family members work on clients, he noticed and realized very early in his youth how transformative and powerful hair truly was. “I remember sitting in the back room, as a child, watching clients walk in, often being scared of them because of their gaunt appearance and messy hair… and within hours watching them re-emerge looking like Demigods. It was then that I realized that there is no such thing as unattractive people, just bad hair!!!” recounts Stevhan. Stevhan’s early experience led to his unique philosophy on hair—”Not only is hair at the essence of beauty, it is also at the epitome of power!!!”

As a former model and actor in Manhattan, New York, Stevhan’s experience spans the style spectrum and his versatility is reflected in his work. Cindy Crawford, Matthew Broderick, Shirley MacLaine and Sandra Bullock are some of the celebrities that Stevhan has worked with over the years. His drive and passionate commitment to hairstyling continually inspire him to produce unique and beautiful creations. With over 23 years of hairstyling expertise, Stevhan’s unparalleled level of service and innovative designs repeatedly rank him among the top hairstylists in Toronto.



Dry Hair Cuts – The DRY SCULPT™ Difference

Touted as an ‘Industry Innovator’, Stevhan was the first in Toronto to start cutting hair in its dry state. He benchmarked Toronto’s beauty scene by introducing the DrySculpt™ technique, earning him widespread recognition among the industry’s elite.

How many times have you gotten your hair cut while it’s wet, and waited to see how it will “turn out” when it’s dry? Stevhan Standberg cuts your hair in the form you will be wearing it, DRY. Dry Sculpting™ allows both you and your stylist to be in more precise control of the final look of your cut throughout the entire process.

If you are tired of getting your hair cut wet and having to wait for the surprise finish, call Stevhan Standberg and experience the Dry Sculpt™ difference instead.



Subtle, sophisticated and completely natural looking is the best way to describe Microlights™

For clients who want the added dimension of highlights, but with the most natural look possible, One-on-One Hair offers Microlights™. This process involves highlighting just a few strands of hair at a time, creating a subtle glow that blends so well with the rest of your hair that you won’t even need a touch-up as your hair grows out. The effect delivers a subtle shimmering colour so discrete that envious admirers will be left wondering just how you achieved it.

Whether you’re looking to add a sun-kissed glow to your amber tresses or to embrace the chocolaty richness of your brunette locks, Stevhan’s Microlights™ are a great way to freshen up your look and add brightness to your complexion.


Highlights & Lowlights

Unlike most other stylists, Stevhan uses clear plastic wrap instead of traditional foil during the highlighting process. Highlights and lowlights bring multi-dimensional effects to your hair while giving it vibrancy and depth. Highlights can work for any hair colour and should look natural and complimentary, which means (unless specifically desired) NO CHUNKY STREAKS. The flexibility of the plastic wrap allows colour to be applied more closely to the scalp while its transparency lets Stevhan watch the colour develop without interruption. The final result is a perfectly developed finish, full of depth and dimension.



A combination of art and science, your stylist’s experience makes all the difference when it comes to adding beautiful colour to your hair. Your hair type and previous colour history are critical elements a stylist should consider before preparing your colour for application.

At One-On-One Hair, details are everything.  Stevhan begins with an in-depth consultation to learn your colour history and to suggest the hues that will best suit your skin tone, facial features, personality and lifestyle.  Together you will decide on the perfect look, while always considering your natural and most flattering shades. After closely examining the physical properties of your hair, he creates a custom mixture to achieve stunning results perfectly suited to your style.  From coverage to correction, One-On-One Hair has some of the best hair colouring services Toronto has to offer.


Colour Correction

Correcting people’s hair colour is something I take much joy and pride in. Most hairstylists can highlight or colour a client’s hair, but it is only a select few that can take a client with over-processed, brittle and horribly discoloured hair and have them walk out with hair that looks rich, shiny and healthy as though it had been coloured for the very first time!

As a Master Colourist with over two decades of experience, it’s no wonder clients turn to Stevhan when their hair is in need of rescuing. Stevhan skillfully assesses, corrects, and transforms your hair into a state you can work, play and flirt with. At One-on-One Hair, clients have gone from ‘Disaster’ to ‘Diva’ thanks to Stevhan Standberg’s expertise.


Wash & Style

Important interview? Big date? Overdue for some pampering and want to look fabulous? Book an appointment with Stevhan to get your hair washed and:

  • styled with a flat-iron
  • set with spiral curls
  • loosely waved
  • blown out, using round brush


Cindy Crawford

Her success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film, and to work as a spokesperson.

Cindy CrawfordOne-On-One Hair Client

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”Sand theater actress, singer, dancer, activist and author.

Shirley MacLaineOne-On-One Hair Client
Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick is an American actor who, among other roles, played the title character in Ferris Bueller’s.

Matthew BroderickOne-On-One Hair Client



One-On-One Hair reveals an ambiance that reflects Stevhan's passion for hair styling, while providing an elite, uniquely personalized level of service to every client.